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Tennessee Titans Recap: Keep Calm and Burn Everything

Titans lose to the Packers by 9,000,000 points.

Jonathan Daniel

After the Titans lost to the Bears 51-20 back on November 4th, Bud Adams announced to the world that everyone in this organization was on notice. Since then they've responded by going 2-4, including 3 losses in the AFC South.

If there aren't pink slips on multiple desks by 3:00 central next Sunday, then Bud is full of it.

For the sixth time in just this season, the Titans got blown out by more than 20 points. The offense was doomed from jump thanks to injuries and illness on the offensive line, but the dysfunction and lack of buy-in is so evident at every level of the offense that heads have to roll. There's no way this offensive unit can look this coaching staff in the eye next year and believe they have a winning plan.

Jake Locker finished a game with a passer rating under 70 for the sixth time this season. He looked shell-shocked, and was running from shadows by the second time we gained possession. He was off target, off time and off balance all damned day.

By the second half, even Jake didn't believe in Jake. I still think he can be great for us, but it's going to take two brilliant hires at head coach and offensive coordinator to get him there.

As for the defense, what could you expect? They fought valiantly early, then fell apart after the offense kept putting them behind the eight ball. Reinfeldt and Webster have assembled some nice young building blocks and sprinkled in some solid veterans like Wimbley. That's nice, but this is still a bottom half of the league defense.

If I'm Bud, I keep Reinfeldt and Webster, but I let them know they better crush this coaching hire or they're out the door as well. Munchak has been a loyal soldier for Bud Adams for three decades, but a general has to know when the battle plan is a lost cause.