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Titans vs. Packers: 3 Keys on Defense

Three things the Titans have to do to get a W at Lambeau.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. TACKLE!: The Titans have had issues tackling all season long. The Packers have a lot of big play potential on offense. The Titans don't need to help them out in this game by letting them turn a play that should go for 5 yards go for 50.

2. Pressure Aaron Rodgers: If Rodgers is not the best quarterback in the league, he is in the top two. He will have a field day against this secondary if he is allowed to sit in the pocket all day and look for a receiver. The Titans have to make him uncomfortable, but as we talked about this morning, Jerry Gray has to be smart when he sends an extra guy on a blitz.

The best thing will be for the Titans to get consistent pressure with just the front four. While Derrick Morgan and Kamerion Wimbley have been better at getting pressure of late, they have not yet proven they are good enough to not need help from a blitz.

3. Force turnovers: The Titans offense has struggled this season. That is no secret. The defense could really help them out by giving them a couple of short fields and easy scoring chances. That is no easy chore against this offense, but it is something that really needs to happen in this game for the Titans to have a chance to win.

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