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Week 16: Predictions From The Contributors and Jake1010

Frederick Breedon

Can't believe this season is almost over. Actually looking forward to this weekend. I like watching the Packers play so it will be so much sweeter if our Titans can pull off a W. Jake starts us off this week:

Jake1010 (4-6)

Oh the Titans....I just don't see any way that Aaron Rodgers+Michael Griffin=Titans win. Sure the defense has been playing much better especially up front, but this offense is a complete train wreck, and if they haven't figured it out by this point in the season, there's no reason for me to believe they will this week. In the end, I really think this COULD end up being the Boston Massacre Part 2: Wisconsin Edition so my prediction is actually optimistic in my eyes.

Packers 31 - Titans 17

gramsey712 (7-6)

I am interested in watching this game to see if our improvement on defense is fool's gold or not. I think we'll get some serious pressure on Rodgers. Hopefully we'll just call roll outs for Locker every play. That would make me happy happy happy.

Packers 24 - Titans 13

Tuna below .500 again (6-7)

This one is pretty scary to me. The defense has been better, but they are going to need some help from the offense in this one. If they are on the field for most of the day it will get ugly.

Packers 38 - Titans 20

MCMdrummer (5-8)

The Pack is scaring me, comrades. But I was right in predicting a Titans win against the Jets, and now, I follow suit.

Titans 27 - Packers 24

ed. note: drummer did not, in fact, pick a win against the Jets.

CanaDan (4-9)

If Jerry Gray wants to prove this defensive turnaround is for real, the defense better not look terrible this Sunday. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of that high-powered offense are certainly a challenge. Rodgers is the best QB this team has faced since Tom Brady in Week 1. I don't expect to completely shut them down as that's near impossible, but if this defense collapses again it'll be clear the last few weeks were due to the opponents. It's up to Gray to make me a believer. Right now I just can't see that happening.

Packers 31 - Titans 16

Jonnetherealist (4-5)

Mondays game was by far the worst Titans game i watched since the Titans Jets game back in 07. Figures. We stink. And with our ineffective offense and improving but still disappointing defense. We are going to get crushed in Green Bay. But since i have a first class seat on the #FIREEVERYONE train. I will gladly take another L if it will bring about a clean sweep of this staff. Jake throws one TD to Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson gives us a 25 yd burst en route to another L in Lockers record. Just call me Jonnetherealist. PS: I now follow the games on twitter so if you want to chat feel free to join me @Jonne_MCM

Packers 35 - Titans 14

REESE (1-9)

The Pack are a quality team that can throw all over most anybody. The win last week made me happy, but not exactly optimistic about our chances against a team with a real quarterback. I don't think Aaron Rodgers is going to turn it over 5 times, and he definitely isn't turning it over 3 times in the fourth quarter. I don't think I expect a total bloodbath, but the outcome won't be in doubt.

Packers 38 - Titans 20