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Sharing our favorite Titans memories before the end of the world

The Mayan calendar runs out today, so naturally that means that today is the last day that our world is going to exist. That means there are a lot of things I need to get done today, but first I have collected favorite Titans memories from some of our contributors.


For me this is an easy one, and for right now it seems like it always will be. I have told this story before, but it never gets old. The year was 2000. Young Jimmy Morris was a senior in high school. On the Friday night before the wild card game against the Buffalo Bills he was attending a basketball at his high school when he got a call from his parents saying that his house had been broken into. They weren't sure what all was stolen, but the place was a mess.

After getting home and spending a few hours cleaning up with the help of some of his classmates, Jimmy decided to turn in because he had a church league basketball game the next morning.

His team won that game, but he was about 0-10 from the field. That was OK thought because getting the W was the most important thing.

As he listened to the game on the way home, he thought it was going pretty well, and things were looking good by the time he sat down in the den at this house to watch the rest of the game.

You know the rest, but he will never forget "Christie kicks it high and short....He's got something....He's got something....THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD...IT'S A MIRACLE....

The next few minutes were agonizing as the play was review, but standing at the TV and drawing a line with his finger, Jimmy was 100% sure the play would stand.


Moss dis Moss dat Moss dis Moss dat! Randy Moss week was by far one of my favorite memories as a Titans fan. Lets face it, we haven't had a huge surge of big name free agents sign with our organization and it was a very exciting to see our team go after this caliber of player.

It really is a shame that the deal didn't work out at all because I bought in big time. All of a sudden I dropping 70 yard bombs to Moss in Madden and having a great time doing it, I even "got my #84 jersey out" (from the store) and fell deep into the trap of dreaming that Moss was the key to a playoff push.

It's rare when we all rally around anything here at MCM, however, we were all excited and thought we were the "bees knees" for at least a week and that's what gives me the warm fuzzies.


2009 Arizona Cardinals game.

The Vince Young led 99 yard drive was one of the best endings to an NFL game that I've ever witnessed. The Drive included three 4th down conversions, the last of which was on the final play of the game. I remember going absolutely nuts in my living room as Vince threw a strike to Kenny Britt in the back of the endzone as time expired. The game is now tarnished in a way given the events that followed in 2010. Probably the most frustrating thing when reflecting on that event is that we all got a glimpse - a brief flash - of what our offense could have accomplished if the VY situation hadn't imploded like it did.


I have been a Titan fan since 1999. Sadly, i was a bit young when i watched the Music City Miracle live and didn't fully grasp the history i just witnessed. So i give you my account of my favorite memory. Vince Youngs 2006 comeback victory over the Giants.

I was only 15 years old at the time and a freshman in high school. Vince Young had a firm grasp on my heart after his stellar Texas career. I was just waiting for his legend to begin. Then in come the New York football giants. They marched into LP Field with no doubt of a sure victory over the young upstart Titans. Two touchdowns down, i was pretty much ready for a blowout. Luckily i had moved past the crying phase when every loss brought tears to my eyes. Or so i thought. Then they scored again. Meanwhile the mighty Young had no answer. The 3rd quarter went by and fans at LP Field began to dwindle. I remember the play like it was yesterday. It's 4th and 9 Vince Young takes off, nothing there so he runs out of bounds. BOOM! He gets creamed out of bounds drawing a penalty. Yet he popped up like it was nothing. Such heart(at the time). Finally i had something to smile about. Touchdown Bo Scaife. Cool, only down 14. Titans get the ball back, move down field. Vince Young takes off to the right, TOUCHDOWN! 7 point game. Wait a minute, we have a shot! I'm now watching the game exclusively on my knees. Titans get the ball back. "It's VY Time!" Is all i can think. But nothing there. 4th down, here's the game. He drops back, gets wrapped up, game over. The defender lets go, i'm screaming "RUN VINCE!". Vince takes off right, pump fakes everyone including the camera man. First down Titans. "Oh My God!! I'm screaming like a schoolgirl. Figures since i was barely hitting puberty and my voice was as high pitched as ever. Titans move down field. 2nd and 3, Vince Young to Brandon Jones, TOUCHDOWN TITANS!!!! We're going to overtime!!! What a comeback. Giants ball, Eli takes the snap, gets pressured by none other than albert haynesworth. Throws his second int to Pacman jones! "WOW!" Time for Rob Bironas. "Who?" He was not gun fingaz at the time. 49yards, It's Good!!! Greatest comeback in franchise history!! For the first time, i cried after a win. Seeing such guts and drive from a team. That was the moment i became more than a fan. I became a part of the organization. All i could say was, "I love this damn team!"


My favorite Titans memory has to be Vince Young's walk-off, 99 yard drive against Arizona. Other than the fact that it brought the Titans to 5-6 after they started the 2009 season winless, it was one of the coolest, most dramatic sports moments I've ever seen.

In a Rose Bowl rematch between Leinart and Young, he converted three fourth downs and chucked the game winning touchdown pass to Kenny Britt with no time on the clock, and the most explosive weapon in the league that year didn't touch the ball once. I know about Vince's reputation around these parts, I know that he's more or less been excommunicated, never to return again, but this was truly one of the greatest games I've ever watched and Vince Young made it all happen. 2009 was a weird year. This game was one of the best I'd ever seen.


It was Grey Cup Sunday, a huge day across Canada. As the party began downstairs, I sat alone upstairs on the couch with a nervous frown on my face. The situation appeared daunting. Almost impossible. The Cardinals had just punted the ball and pinned the Titans on their own one yard line. The Titans were down four points and with only 2:37 remaining, had one last drive to manufacture a miracle.

Vince Young went to work. A fourth-and-four completion to Kenny Britt, who made an improbable catch over the corner. A second fourth-and-four conversion later on, this time to Lavelle Hawkins. Finally, with six seconds on the clock and the Titans on the ten yard line, they faced a fourth and goal. The pocket collapsed, Young stepped up and delivered a strike to Britt in the back of the end zone for the winning score. I screamed so loud my parents came running.

I was way too young to remember the Music City Miracle. My earliest recollection of the Titans begin somewhere in the cap-induced hell following the success of the early 2000s, so for me the Music City March is my favourite memory. It remains one of the greatest last minute drives I have ever witnessed. So take this moment and remember… if the world ends today, this is your last Vince Young Friday!


A few days before Christmas, a crisp, clear, winter day in 2008 set up my favorite Titans memory. Playing for the top seed in the AFC, I got third row tickets to the Titans-Steelers game in the endzone as an early Christmas present from my parents. As Michael Griffin scored the game clinching touchdown, he jumped into the stands right where I was. It was amazing. I really became a big Titans fan around 2006, so I wasn't really too involved during the glory days at the turn of the century. It was really incredible in 2008 to say that we were the best team in the league. Seeing Keith Bulluck and Jevon Kearse stomp on that Terrible Towel, the symbol of the city I now live in, still gives me a thrill just thinking about it.


My favorite Titan memory is more about the atmosphere at LP Field and my overall experience more than just what happened on the field. I had a hard time deciding from all the awesome moments we have had in the last 13 years that I have witnessed including #9 throwing for 420 against the Texans in 03, the Pacman/Vince Young led comeback against the Giants, the defense scores 3 touchdowns to beat the Jaguars game, the Chris Johnson just had the best game ever against the Texans game and the towel stomping game . But I finally settled on what would be my favorite memory: Titans vs Colts...Monday Night Football...October 27th, 2008. Not only my first Monday Night Football experience, but also the first Titans Code Blue and a much happier time in Titan fandom. Not only did we beat a team on a national stage who has pretty much owned us, we looked good doing it...both on the field and the stadium itself. That was also back when even though we were behind into the third quarter, I actually still had faith in my team that we would pull it out. Final score 31-21. LenDale White scores 2, Nick Harper and Chris Hope intercepted Peyton and Stephen Tulloch had a huge 4th down stop of Dominic Rhodes. That win made us 7-0 and we kept rolling. Oh, the happier times....

I can't wait until my favorite Titans moment changes to one including a Lombardi trophy and rings.

August West

My favorite Titans memory (not related to the Super Bowl run) sticks out in my mind because of the narrative element: it's got a clear hero and villain, plus conflict, failure and redemption.

In short, it's Eddie George knocking the snot out of Ray Lewis in the playoffs on January 3rd, 2004.

Easily the lowest point in Eddie's playing career was the last play that mattered in another playoff match-up just thee years prior, when Ray Lewis sealed a Ravens victory by stripping the ball from Eddie's hands and scoring a touchdown. It was such a humiliating play you could see Eddie wince every time Ray's name came up after that.

Cut to the wildcard game just three years later, and it's a whole different story. Eddie is on his last legs as a Titan. After the season the franchise would part ways with the running back, effectively ending his career. Ray Lewis, on the other hand, was an NFL darling because he hadn't help cover up any stabbings in over four years.

Anyway... you can check the link for the hit, and the jawing itself. Eddie doesn't knock Ray out, so don't expect that. But what that video doesn't show is that earlier in the game Eddie had separated his shoulder (you can see the brace on his left arm in the video), making this play extra gutsy.

Now, of course Ray did make the tackle. But that's not the point: Eddie took the full force of one of the NFL's most fearsome linebackers, knocked him off his feet and got in his face to tell him about it. What did they discuss? After the game Eddie was asked about it, and said with a smile that they exchanged stories about what their mommas had cooked over the previous holidays.

After burying the individual and team demons of that 2000 playoff embarrassment, Eddie could walk off into the sunset with his head held high.