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Inside the Lockeroom: Titans vs Jets

"Why didn't anyone tell me we were wearing our Hall of Fame jackets? Warren, you jerk!"

Frederick Breedon

[Munchak] Guys, You know how they say a tie is like kissing your sister? Well that crap i just watched was like patting her on the butt,

[Rusty] Ha! Good one coach!

[Team in unison] SHUT UP RUSTY!

[Munchak] Now, we won the game. But there are so many issues that i don't know where to begin. Where's Roos?

[Roos] I'm here sir.

[Munchak] Where is your wheelchair son!?

[Roos] I don't need it coach. I feel fine.

[Munchak] That's not a risk we can take. Sit down!

Now defensively, you guys were awesome. Jason, you're making a name for yourself son. Those two interceptions were big time, great work. All of you on defense did a great job. But remember, it was Mark Sanchez, I don't want you guys to get to excited. Get a couple of picks against Rodgers this week and then we'll talk. But still, I'm proud of you guys. Zach, you're really coming along kid. Big, big game tonight.

On offense, we still got alot of work to do. Mainly in the passing game. Jake, I love the effort out there. But you're gonna have to do better than that son. This Sunday you're going against Clay Matthews and he's a monste...

[Bruce] Hey by the way Mike, he told me to say hi.

Munchak] What are you doing texting him right now?

[Bruce] He just wanted to say hi and say he was stopping by tonight.

[Munchak] Bruce don't let him trick you into giving out our gameplan.

[Bruce]Come on Mike, you think he'd do that to his own Uncle?

[Munchak] Text him back if he had any plans tonight.

[Bruce] Fine.......He said he wants to read the playbook on my lap like old times..

[Munchak] Dammit Bruce you see!!!!?

[Bruce] What? He just wants to reminisce!

[Munchak] I'll talk to you later. Anyways Wright, I love your effort out there son. I appreciate you trying to play through your injury. Wait where's Wright?

[Loggains] He's outside running routes

[Munchak] He knows the game is over right?

[Loggains] I don't think he cares.

[Munchak] Umm, ok then. Moving on. If you guys really want to finish strong, let's go out and take care of business this Sunday, huh? Lets show the world what we're made of. Oh and before I forget. Chris, this game ball is for you. Great run tonight son. It was very touching what you did for the Sandy Hook Victims.

[Chris] Yeah, belee dat.

[Munchak] I love you too son. I love you too.

*A tear drops from the eye of Rusty Smith*