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Texans 24 Titans 10: Just Another Day

Just another day in the life of the Tennessee Titans.

Andy Lyons

There really isn't a lot to be said about this one that we haven't been saying all season long. The Titans still cannot do anything productive on offense. It really feels like the passing game has taken on the personality of the running game from earlier this season. There is no one thing that is going wrong. Everything is going wrong.

Jake Locker makes an inaccurate throw on one play. A receiver drops the ball on another. Then there is a play where the line misses a block. After that the sideline is late getting the play in and the teams has to take a delay of game penalty. You get the point.

The only bright spot here is that the defense has played better these last few weeks. They held Arian Foster to 38 yards on 14 carries today. Matt Schaub had 207 yards and two touchdowns, but it took him 35 attempts to get there. Fifty-four of those yards came on a play where Michael Griffin took an angle that a high school safety would take on a play.

This game really shouldn't do anything to change anyone's impression of this team. They have an improving defense, but a bad offense that shouldn't be as bad as it is. The only new thing is that now this team is banged up with the loss of David Stewart, Steve Hutchison, and Damian Williams to injuries. Stewart is done for the year, and while it is too early to know the status of the other guys, the odds that we don't see any of them for the rest of the season are high considering there are only four games left.

In conclusion, a big bucket of meh.