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Inside the Lockeroom: Titans vs Texans

Lets take a look inside the lockeroom after a brutal loss to the Texans.


[Munchak] Do you guys want me here? That's a serious question, do you want me here!?

[Rusty] Of course we do coach!!

[Munchak] You couldn't possibly mean that, because if you guys wanted me, you wouldn't go out and lay an egg against the Texans in front of Bud freaking Adams! I've been a nice guy. I took you all out bowling. Remember that? Chris, who bought you that portable teeth squeegee for you last year?

[CJ] You did coach..

[Munchak] I did!

[CJ] I really like that squeegee, it was nice.

[Munchak] It was a very nice squeegee. And Kendall, who paid to get you that haircut a few months ago?

[Wright] You did.

[Munchak]Your damn right, I did. And you needed that cut bad. I was there for you. I have been there for all of you. And this is how you repay me? With turnovers and missed tackles? Where the hell is Michael..

*Michael Griffin slips and falls out of his chair*

[Munchak] That's exactly what i'm talking about. Has anyone seen Kenny?

[Rusty] He went home coach! Can I play now?

[Munchak] Shutup Rusty. Look fellas, the season is over. All we can do is move on. We have to come togethe.....Hey what's so funny?

[Gray] I'm watching this Jets game. Sanchez is terrible! haha

[Munchak] Yea well I bet he could put up five touchdowns against you Gray.

[Gray] What are you talking about, my guys played well.

[Munchak] True but your playcalls are like a game of minesweeper. Your just throwing out random guesses.

[Gray] Not true!

[Munchak] Ok let's try some word association shall we? I'll say a word, and you tell me a word that has the closest meaning.

[Gray] Ok

[Munchak] Dumpster Fire

[Gray] Oh that's easy, Pineapple.

[Munchak] Sit down. *sigh* I don't even know what to say.

[McCarthy] It's ok coach

[Munchak] Are you crying Colin? See guys this is what we need. Dedication...

[McCarthy] Uh no coach, I sprained my ankle on my way to the bathroom. It hurts pretty bad.

[Munchak] Oh for the love of... Dismissed!