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Recapping the Titans Loss to (INSERT TEAM HERE)

The fuse is lit, and the dumpster is soaked in gas

Andy Lyons

Hey wasn't that fun? The Titans fired an old, bitter SOB who had lost the entire offense because his scheme didn't draw the most out of the talent on hand. So what did we do on the heels of that shift: roll out a childish gameplan that would make your grandpa scratch his head. To wit:

  • Why in the world would you focus on making Jake Locker sit in the pocket against the best pass rushing team in the NFL...
  • Cus you now what happens when you do that? tipped passes and easy INTs.
  • Our season died today. Don't believe me? Ask the next 10 football fans you meet where any player on our offensive line went to college. An offensive line of Roos, Velasco, Mathews, Otto and Lutui is a death sentence in this league.
  • The only way I really support this staff staying on board is if Mike Munchak learns that sometimes you just have to be a belligerent asshole. If I was in the Titans' front office, I'd demand that he punches someone.. anyone. JUST SHOW ME YOU EFFIN' CARE.
  • The better way to put that statement is: at some point, Munchak's passivity starts to look like apathy. That's just the truth.
  • Dowell Loggains' first game as a playcaller was a giant, EPIC thumbs down
  • Jerry Gray was the only coach who could walk out of LP Field with his head held high.

We'll have much more to come, but feel free to yell, cry, scream froth and do whatever in this thread.

These are the times that try men's souls. Character is made when the day is shorter, and the night gets long.