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Texans vs. Titans: Three Keys on Defense

Here are three things the Titans must do on defense to get a win today.

Scott Cunningham

The Texans are arguably the best team in the AFC. The Titans are going to have their hands full with them on defense. Here are three things they will have to get done if they want to get a win at L.P. Field today.

1. Win first down- The Texans are a very balanced team on offense. You have to keep them out of 3rd and 4 or less where they have the option to run or pass. The Titans can do that by limiting Arian Foster and Ben Tate on first down. That will keep Houston off schedule and give guys like Akeem Ayers and Zach Brown chances to get after Matt Schaub.

2. Shut down Andre Johnson- AJ has tortured the Titans for a long time now. They really haven't ever been able to do much to take him out of the game even though he is really the only playmaking receiver they have out there. Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner need to have really good days, because you know the safeties aren't going to have an answer for Johnson.

3. Get off the field on third down- The Texans are one of those teams that likes to wear down the opposing defense for three quarters and put them out of their misery in the fourth. They do this by keeping the chains moving and sustaining long drives. The Titans need to keep them from converting third downs so they don't get worn down during the course of the game.