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The Coaching Carousel: Crazy Wins Edition

A win is a win is a win. The game was so hilariously dumb that you just can't stop laughing.

Hey Dad, it's been nice working for you and all but it's time for me to get a HC job. How's Tennessee sound?
Hey Dad, it's been nice working for you and all but it's time for me to get a HC job. How's Tennessee sound?
Win McNamee

Instead of the usual pontificating about the lackluster coaching staff we presently have, I'm going to begin by saying that the events of December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut are beyond tragic and unspeakably heinous. I can stand a lot of things but not crimes of this magnitude against innocent children. A national tragedy like this is beyond words and incomprehensible. I'd speak about the evil, cowardly, and malignant piece of human excrement that did this but that's for another forum, not MCM. Out of the ashes of a tragedy wrought with evil like that occurred on Friday, you find stories of ordinary people like you and me stepping up to save countless lives by heroically giving theirs in a time of crisis. We as a nation often idolize athletes as heroes for making the game winning shot, home run, putt, etc but these people are the true heroes in life. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see the parents of the dead children having to do what no parent should have to do: bury their own child, especially due to a senseless crime. They need all the support and prayers (if you believe in a higher being) they can get right now. I urge MCM and the SB Nation community as a whole to rally around these folks and if you can, spare a dollar or two to the various funds being set up to help them, every little bit helps, no matter how small it is. When CJ made that 94 yard TD run with the names on the shoes, the whole world watching, and Oilers legends standing on the sideline watching, it just made my night that much better. On that somber note, we must get on with the article.

The Candidate: Kyle Shanahan Washington Redskins OC


  • He has actual pro experience as an NFL OC - Like our previous candidate, Shanahan has experience being a qualified and competent OC unlike Munchak. He has had success at his various stops during his career.
  • Success as an OC - He's a familiar face around the division and conference as he was with the Texans and Broncos before his father came calling with the Washington job. Kyle has shed the stigma of being hired just because who his father is with great success everywhere he's been. Granted, he got a start because of daddy and his buddies (Gary Kubiak) but he's made it. I have a feeling he won't call that WR screen play that fails 99% of the time either. Dowell Scroggains (Gruden's words, not mine) needs to be fired for not scrapping these plays let alone for whatever the mess was that he called on Monday.
  • RGIII and Kirk Cousins - The job he's done with these two rookies is nothing short of great and portends well for young Jake Locker should he get hired here. His work with Cousins is to be especially praised he got him to run the offense in short order (a week, basically) as if RG3 wasn't even there. The ability to change up one offense for one style of QB to another at a rapid pace has me liking him a lot.


  • Will he leave daddy Mike and the young phenom? - I believe the answer is yes if it's a head coaching job. He's been long overdue for a HC gig and has the credentials to become a good one. Kyle ticks off almost every one of Bud's boxes on his checklist as well (played at Texas, connected to the Houston area, coached in the NFL, and great offensive mind). This guy is the one I want to replace Munchak should he be fired and Chip Kelly declines to come to Nashville.