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Titans Win Battle of Futility 14-10

A win is a win, but that sure was an ugly win.

Andy Lyons

That is, without a doubt, the worst football game I have ever watched. I will never understand how the Jets won six games. They have the worst offense of any team to ever win six games in the history of the NFL.

The Titans looked terrible on offense, again, for most of the game. The one exception, of course, was the 94-yard touchdown run by Chris Johnson. That run was the seventh 80+ yard touchdown run of his career. That is an NFL record.

That is about all you can say was good from the offense tonight. Jake Locker ended the game 13 of 22 for 149 yards. He is going to have to give this team more than he gave them tonight if he really is a franchise quarterback.

There are some good things to say about this defense. They were able to get after Mark Sanchez for most of the night, forcing him to throw four interceptions. Two of those interceptions were made by Michael Griffin. That, my friends, is a Christmas miracle!

The other two interceptions were made by Jason McCourty, who is quietly having a very nice year. The only solid investment the Titans made this offseason was in McCourty.

I think this win gets Mike Munchak another year. Bud Adams was never going to fire him in the middle of the season, but it would have been very likely that he got fired after the season if they lost the final three games. While this was not a pretty win by any stretch of the imagination, it was a win on national television.

And while the Jets offense is really, really bad, this defense has really turned a corner. Jerry Gray, as bad as he was the first six weeks of the season, deserves to be brought back for another year. He has the young players on this defense, particularly Akeem Ayers and Zach Brown, playing really well. I am excited about the linebacking corps of the future.

A side note: I am really sad about the two punts that Brett Kern shanked tonight. He seems like a really good dude, and he has been having a really nice year. At least the Jets are so bad that the last 15-yard punt didn't end up killing the Titans.

That was ugly, but it was a win against a Rex Ryan coached team. That is always a cause for celebration!