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Chris Johnson Honors Sandy Hook Victims

CJ wrote the names of all of the Sandy Hook victims on his shoes for Monday Night Football.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have taken a lot of shots at Chris Johnson here over the last year and a half, but he did one of the coolest things I have ever seen tonight. CJ came out in shoes that had all of the names of all victims from the Sandy Hook shooting written on them. That is really, really cool.

It was also really cool to see him break a 94-yard touchdown run while wearing those shoes. I am typically not one to see things and get goosebumps, but you really couldn't help but think that those shoes gave him a little extra boost on that run.

There is also a pretty good chance that some of the people who were directly involved in that shooting are watching this game because there are probably quite a few Jets fans in that area. It is not like something like CJ's shoes can do a lot to ease their pain, but hopefully it brought a smile to someone's face for a brief second.

Nice work CJ!