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NFL Sunday Open Game Thread

Discuss all of Sunday's NFL action with us.

Scott Cunningham

Today is a day where we don't have to be stressed about a Titans game. I usually hate Sundays where they don't play, but it is going to be nice to only have to worry about fantasy football playoffs today.

Here is the TV map for all of today's games. In Nashville today we get Indianapolis @ Houston (most of the country gets Denver @ Baltimore) and NY Giants @ Atlanta early. We get Pittsburgh @ Dallas late with the lyrical stylings of Joe Buck.

I am excited to watch Giants @ Falcons because the Falcons are my adopted team once the Titans are eliminated. It is going to be fun to watch Julio Jones light up the NY secondary.

Use this thread to discuss the games. I will open a new thread for the Sunday night game later on this evening. We will also have some Jets vs. Titans stuff later on today.