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Week 15: Predictions From The Contributors and Dogface431

Jake and the hand jive
Jake and the hand jive

Sorry about week 14. The UT coaching search stressed me out so much I completely forgot! Tuna said he would have picked a win. So I think I am going to go ahead and count it in the L column for him.

Special treat this of the newest and most enigmatic commenters to MCM starts us off. I'm sure you are all excited for:

Dogface431 (3-6)

Well! Thor and I (that's my monkey, he likes to carry a hammer around.) we went over to the window and studied about this coming game this Monday Night. And here it is: The Jets are still alive in the AFC race, a little bit cause they won 2 games in a row. But are they actually going to get 3 in a row, I doubt it. The Titans are going to kick some a$$ this Monday night cause them their boys are going to be on Nationwide television like they was against Pittsburgh. I just can't see Sanchez out doing Locker. Well, Thor and I have got to say good-bye and put your money in buffalo chips , it's the future's fuel supply. REMEMBER: You don't have to win every fight, just leave a few scars, that way they remember you the next time they see you.

Titans 24 - Jet 18

gramsey712 (7-5)


Chris Johnson better watch his ankles.

Jets 21 - Titans 13

Back to .500 Tuna (6-6)

Nothing like having a national audience see how irrelevant your team actually is.

Jets 3 - Titans 2

drummer (5-7)

Jets suck. So do the Titans. Prime time football.

Jets 27 - Titans 24

ed. note: You know it's bad when drummer picks against the Titans

CanaDan (4-8)

The Jets aren't very good, but neither are the Titans right now so this is going to be a game of who can do the best job of "not losing." Mark Sanchez won't have a great day, but he'll find enough weaknesses in our defense to put his team in position to win. New York's defense will do the rest.

Jets 20 - Titans 17

SuperHorn™ (4-8)

Despite the Jets problems this year, they enter this game with one of the leagues better defenses, especially in the passing game. While our beat up offensive line has performed admirably in spots this year, the outcome of this game will ride them and CJ in the run game. If CJ can get things going early, and we don't get behind in the first half, the Titans could have a shot on this one. He'll need a 100+ yard performance (something he hasn't had since early November). Defensively, the Jets are a fairly pedestrian team to defend. I think the defense can most likely keep us within striking distance (read: 21 or less points surrendered).

Jets 20 - Titans 13

D. Reese, both winless and late this week

I hate that my team is playing against a joke of a team on national television. Seriously though, who was sitting in their office before the season started and said "Yeah, Jets v.s. Titans, that's what the people want to see." Fire that man immediately.

Jets 20 - Titans 7