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Mike Munchak's Contract Runs Through 2014

Munhcak's deal runs through 2014, not 2013 as originally reported.


It has been widely speculated, and reported, that Mike Munchak signed a 3-year deal when he was hired before the 2011 season. In fact, I am pretty sure that Jim Wyatt reported that, but tonight he has a report that Munchak's deal actually runs through 2014.

That is some interesting news, but does it really mean anything? Ultimately, probably not. Bud Adams is going to do whatever he sees best at the end of the year. He has made it clear that he wants to get back to a Super Bowl, and if he doesn't think Munch has this going in the right direction, he won't hesitate to make a move. The extra year isn't going to stop him.

I also don't think it makes any difference when he is trying to hire coordinators after the season. Munchak might as well be working on a one year deal in 2013 even if he doesn't get fired. The high-level coordinators still aren't going to come here with him on the hot seat.