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Which QB Has Been the Best This Season?

Who would be your signal caller of choice?

Andy Lyons

Gillette is continuing their debate series this week with a "Which QB has been the best this season and why?" There are a lot of viable answers to this question. Matt Ryan started off the year on fire. Aaron Rodgers has been really good this year, but hasn't put up the numbers he normally does because their offense has been a little more balanced. Tom Brady just keeps doing what Tom Brady does. Peyton Manning has been better than most people expected.

That is just the old guard. You have the rookies- Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russel Wilson who have all been really good and brought a spark to their respective teams. All three of those teams are in contention now, when most people didn't think they had a shot when the season started.

Those are just a few suggestions. Weigh in with yours in the comments.

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