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Ruston Webster Approval Poll

Do you approve of the job that Webster has done putting together this roster?


Here is your chance to cast your vote on Tennessee Titans general manager Ruston Webster. Mike Munchak took a little bit of a beating in his poll yesterday. I would not expect today's poll to be very different.

In my attempt to once again poison the poll, I present to you yesterday's SuperHorn article that looks at some of the problems with the way the current roster is constructed.

The interesting thing is that Webster and crew have done a good job on the players they have drafted. There have been times where we thought they should go in a different direction, like the whole draft last year, but the players they have drafted have played well.

The problems have come, as MCMFGSH pointed out yesterday, with the guys they have chose to invest in that are already on the team.

There are some of the facts. The choice is now yours. Cast your vote below.