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Mike Munchak Approval Poll

Do you approve of the job Mike Munchak has done this year?


There really isn't anyone here at MCM who hasn't made their stance on Mike Munchak perfect clear. There are some people like me that are ready to move in a completely different direction. There are some people that think he needs more time.

I know the approval rating here will not exactly be a direct correlation to how many people want him to stay or leave. I might get in trouble for poisoning the poll, but I cannot see how anyone would approve of the job that has been done this season. 4-9 is 4-9, no matter how you look at it.

Later this afternoon we will have a Ruston Webster approval poll. His will be interesting as well.

Cast your vote in the poll, and as always, leave a comment on why you voted the way that you did...just try to keep it civil. There is only no wrong answer here (except that there is).