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MCM Radio Live at 9:00 Central: Live Callers, Mid-Week Rants and Preview of Titans v. Jets

August and Dan bring the heat.

Andy Lyons

Dan and I will be recording another live episode of MCM Radio tonight at 9:00 Central. Jimmy can't make it tonight, but we'll soldier on without our fearless leader. Tonight, we'll cover the latest news swirling around the Titans, make wild and speculative statements about the future of our beloved Titans and hopefully take some live calls. We're scheduling this show for a full 60 minutes, and BTPOM will be glad to hear we don't have any plan past that.

Conversation is going to evolve naturally, and if we're lucky, it might even get a little weird.

You can join in the chat room fun, listen live and get the number to call in by clicking this link. For those who can't make it tonight, you can always download the show, and our entire archive, in podcast form via iTunes. It'll also be available streaming 24/7 at the Blog Talk Radio site.