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Grade the Titans Performance In Indianapolis

Your chance to vote on how you think the team played against the Colts.

Andy Lyons

There has been some whining lately about there not being anything positive on the site in a while. The obvious reason for that is because there really isn't anything positive about this team. I know Mike Munchak said yesterday that this team is headed in the right direction, but he is either delusional or doesn't even believe that himself. If you are being honest with yourself, you know those are the only two options.

However, I have always considered myself a man of the people, so I am going to give you a few chances to vote on what you think of this team this week. Today I introduce a poll that gives you a chance to grade the Titans performance on Sunday. Later in the week we have approval polls for Mike Munchak and Ruston Webster.

We also still have FanPosts where anyone is invited to weigh in with his or her opinion of this team. If the tone of the site it too negative, write something positive that will positive this place up.