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The Coaching Carousel: Sunshine of Doom Edition

Another Sunday has passed by with another Titans loss. Le sigh.

Running towards a job with the Titans?
Running towards a job with the Titans?

Yet another Titans loss has visited upon us fans. A sense of exasperation and malaise has set in among the Titans fan populace. Whoever that's still on the keep Munchak bandwagon surely must be contemplating jumping off the ship now. Sunday's loss to the much inspired Colts was particularly rough as there were signs of life in the first half and then in typical fashion, this staff went away from what worked and ultimately failed in the second half. In essence, Loggains and company Jimbo'd (Noles' college reference throw in complete!) the game away. It's like this staff has a beast game plan for the first 15 scripted plays or so but once those run out, they revert to the "Ask Madden" system we all know and love. I'm tired of the current regime being so grossly, hilariously and almost maliciously stale and incompetent. The signs of victory were fleeting and were snuffed out harshly by the darkness of defeat. I'm going to reserve any opinions on the alleged development of Locker until the end of the season when I can better evaluate his sophomore campaign. It's time to end the tenure of this increasingly agonizing calamitous misadventure of a coaching staff. Alas, that's enough about the sad state of the current Titans, onwards to the future and potential candidate.

The Candidate: Bill O'Brien Penn State Head Coach


  • He has actual experience as an NFL OC - Unlike Munchak, this is something he does have on his record. O'Brien was named the OC for the high powered New England offense after Josh Mcdaniels left for Denver until he left for the PSU job.
  • Crisis management skills - The job he has done during his short tenure at Penn State has been quite remarkable. He stepped up into an impossible situation and guided the Lions to a winning record despite numerous transfers, scandal, and devastating injuries. Whatever challenge rebuilding the Titans will give him will be a cakewalk compared to Penn State.
  • Matt McGloin - The guy was a nobody and a bust during his first 3 years on campus until BoB got there and developed his stock into being drafted range. Developing Locker should be easy for him as Locker has much better skill set than McGloin can ever dream of having.


  • Will he leave Penn State? - This question is a good one but I don't see him leaving after just one year. The Lions won't be any good for a long time after the NCAA brought the big guns in and hammered them hard. Nobody in their right mind would blame him for leaving such a mess he didn't create.
  • How much of the Patriots offensive success has been Brady? - The answer is relatively simple as he's had several OCs during his Hall of Fame worthy career and succeeded under all of them.