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Your Weekly Fire Everyone Update

This coaching staff proves once again that they cannot get it done in this league.


A few weeks ago I asked why anyone on this coaching staff should be able to stay. I know these posts just make some people mad, but this is my blog about the Titans, and I am ready for there to be a major change.

Can you honestly look at this team and think they are well coached? I hate to keep going back to this, but Mike Munchak made such a big deal out of "Be a Pro. Do Your Job." when he was first hired. This is not a team that looks professional or does it's job. Yesterday they were called for 9 penalties.

Never mind the fact that they did a quarterback sneak of first and 10 because they didn't know it was first down. I know that the referees were late moving the chains, but that just can't happen. As Mike Tomlin said, "Excuses are the tools of the incompetent." I have watched a lot of football in my 31 years, and I have never seen that happen. Ever.

So once again I ask those of you that are still in the Munchak camp; What has this staff done to show you they deserve more time? This team just keeps looking worse and worse each week.