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Kenny Britt Expects to Get the Ball More

It sounds like Kenny Britt is excited about the addition of Dowell Loggains.


We have all been perplexed this year by the use of Kenny Britt. Maybe he isn't completely healthy, and he has had trouble catching the ball, but you still have to feature that guy. He has the tools to be a dynamic receiver and, at his best, is the best playmaker on this roster.

Britt said after practice yesterday that one of the biggest changes he expects to see with Dowell Loggains as the offensive coordinator is the ball more. That would be a good way for Loggains to start off his career as an OC.

Britt also gave a little bit on insight yesterday about what Tom Moore can bring to this team (via NFP):

"He showed me how to make a million dollars yesterday. He said, 'Let me show you how to make a million dollars.' Just yesterday in the red zone, he showed me how to run the fade the correct way," Britt said of Moore's first day. "He said have the quarterback tell you where he wants the ball at, whether it's over the shoulder. He really helped me out in the end zone and we weren't even doing red zone yesterday. So he's come in and helped us out a lot."

Loggains will bring a fresh approach to this offense, but it is really good to have a guy like Moore around who has a lot of experience in this league.