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Matt Hasselbeck's "Horse Collar" Tackle GIF'd

Hasselbeck has a beef with the fine he received this week.

Wesley Hitt


This made me laugh, and it ended up getting Matt Hasselbeck fined $15,750. Hasselbeck is appealing the fine, and it looks to me like he should win the appeal. I haven't looked up the wording of the rule on the "horse collar" tackle, but my understanding is that the tackler has to have his hand inside of the ball carrier's shoulder pads, and that the ball carrier has to be pulled down from behind.

Haselbeck never put his hands inside of the shoulder pads, and he ended up throwing the guy over his body. To me, that doesn't meet any statute for the horse collar rule.

Matthew should also get a pass here because he is really old, and he made a nice effort play here to run the ball down and make a tackle. I bet he was feeling that on the next day.

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