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Week 10: Predictions From The Contributors

Music City Miracles lets you know how it's gonna go down on Sunday

A Rex Ryan defense would find a way to break his ankle here.
A Rex Ryan defense would find a way to break his ankle here.
Wesley Hitt

At least Jake Locker is back to give us something to watch. Right? Right?!?

Big Tuna (5-4)

There is no reason to believe that the Titans will win this game, so I will not predict them to even though I kind of think they will.

Dolphins 27 - Titans 24

GMoney (5-4)

I'm convinced now that we are gonna start our yearly comeback and win more than we lose so we can secure a crappy mid-round draft pick and everybody gets to keep their jobs. Yay. At least Locker is back. He's about the only thing I am interested in watching anymore. This is also the week I take the lead from Tuna.

Titans 30 - Dolphins 20

SuperHorn™ (4-5)

There's no result here that would shock me. Miami is a solid team, that's been great against the run this year. The Titans can win this game if Locker/Hass can move the ball well through the air and the Titans defense can keep Reggie Bush in check. In the end, I think the Phins get the edge due to playing at home.

Dolphins 20 - Titans 13

MCM Drummer (4-5)

Well, the Dolphins. The Dolphins are actually kinda good. WHY? WHY? WHY? I would love an easy game, but since Jake should be back on Sunday, maybe we will be revitalized and see the offense that we heard about all offseason. Tennessee Titans are going to Miami for a win, ladies and gents.

Titans 27 - Dolphins 24

Canadaniel (3-6)

My gut says with Locker back this team might actually have a chance, but then I remember how we've looked the past two weeks. Until I see better play, I'm picking based on what I'm going to call "the Gramsey Gambling Principle." Either this team's record is going to turn around, or my predictions record is going to.

Dolphins 34 - Titans 17

Jonne (2-4)

If Matt Hasselbeck starts, we lose. Plain and simple. But it's looking likely that the future is back under center, and that ups our chances. His mobility and big arm paired with the return on CJ2K should carry us to a nice win. Even if our defense sucks.

Titans 28 - Dolphins 10

South Of The Border Daniel (0-6)

I haven't picked a game right all season so I'm picking a loss this week. In terms of just raw yardage, the Dolphins have been almost as bad as we have on defense this year, but their scoring defense is tough, allowing only 18 points a game, basically half as many as the Titans. Their run defense is stout but they're vulnerable through the air. This favors the Titans who have CJ back on track and Jake Locker expected to start again. I remember the last time we played the Phins, Anthony Fasano went off. I expect much of the same in this one because even though it's been two years, we still can't cover a damn tight end. I kind of expect a shootout, scoring hasn't been a problem all year and Miami, while strong, is far from the strongest defense we'll have played yet.

Dolphins 35 - Titans 24


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