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MCM Radio: Talk Titans Tonight at 9:00 Central


Huzzah! It's another edition of MCM Radio, but it's not just any mid-week show: tonight at 9:00 Central Danomite and I will debate, obfuscate, delineate and celebrate the return of Jake Locker. With the way this team has played the playoffs are but a distant dream, but our singular glimmer of hope for excitement for the rest of the season rests on the busted (non-throwing) shoulder of Mr. Locker. His return has been long awaited, and the excitement in the West household is palpable.

You can listen, chat and call in live tonight by clicking here. If you can't join in the chatroom fun or catch the show live, you can always download the show (and our complete archive) in podcast form at iTunes. Additionally, you can also stream the show anytime by clicking the same link as above.