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A Glance at the Remaining Titans Schedule

Predicting odds and results for the Titans remaining games.


I did this a few weeks ago, and planned on doing it every week, but crap happens. Anyway, here is how I feel about the remaining Titans schedule including my projected line.

Week 10 @ Miami

The Titans are a 7 point underdog against the Dolphins this Sunday. I would have called you crazy if you would have told me that would be the line before the season started. Such is life..

Week 11 Bye

Insert winning the bye joke here

Week 12 @ Jacksonville

This line will probably be pretty close to even. The Jaguars are probably not as good as the Titans, but they will get 2-3 points for being at home. If Maurice Jones-Drew is playing the Jags might be a 1-2 point favorite. I predict that the Titans will split with the Jags, but I don't pretend to have the slightest clue which game they will win.

Week 13 vs. Houston

The Titans will be a 12-14 point underdog at home in this one, and will probably lose by 20-30.

Week 14 @ Indianapolis

The Colts will be a 4-5 home favorite in this one. The Titans could win this game. They had multiple chances to win the game against the Colts here.

Week 15 vs. New York Jets

This is a Monday Night Football game. It is unfortunate that the Titans couldn't have had a late season Monday Night Football game last season.

The line on this one a little bit tricky, but the Jets will be a 2-3 point favorite- more than likely. I wonder if Mike Munchak will put a bug in Rex Ryan's ear about being the D coordinator here next year...

Week 16 @ Green Bay

This will be an old-fashioned pick your number game for the Packers. They will be at least a 14 point favorite and should have no trouble covering that.

Week 17 vs. Jacksonville

The Titans will be a 4 point favorite here and will lose if they won in Jacksonville or vice versa.