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Jake Locker Expected to Start on Sunday

Jake Locker will start for the Titans in Miami barring a setback.


Mike Munchak said after practice today that Jake Locker is expected to start on Sunday according to Jim Wyatt. That is, of course, barring any setbacks during practice this week with his shoulder. Munchak also told the media that Locker's shoulder is as healthy as it is going to get right now. That means there is no reason to hold him out until after the bye.

Locker split the reps with Hasselbeck in today's practice. I would expect that to change as the week goes on because Locker is going to need as many reps as he can possibly get to get his sharpness back.

As I said last night, Locker's development is really the only thing to look forward to for the rest of the season. This season is over, and there is going to be a lot riding on next year for Munchak and Locker. They should both be wishing on their lucky stars for good health (and blitz recognition) the rest of the season.