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Why Change Is A Good Thing

Hello again, MCM! I'm taking a little break from my college scouting duties and throwing my hat into the ring on the hotly debated issue of a potential regime change. Enjoy!

The Next Titans Head Coach?
The Next Titans Head Coach?

Note from Jimmy: Noles, or whatever he is calling himself these days, has been brought on as a contributor. He will mainly be contributing draft articles, but has the freedom to do other stuff as well.

Why is change a good thing? Well, sometimes when you're at a vending machine and your dollar bill is crumpled up beyond recognition, change is a good thing to have.

I'm going to begin by stating that Mr. Munchak, bless his heart, just isn't cut out to be a head coach based on this year's far reaching results of regression so far. My theorem is based on multiple factors that can be gleaned by simply watching the games. These factors:

  • He has no experience coaching beyond being a position coach - The position coach often fails at being the head coach because they lack the experience of having been in a position of relative authority outside of their position group responsibilities. The NFL is not a league to cut your teeth in being a head coach without having some sort of previous coordinator experience, whether that be in college or in the pros. It just isn't but although rare, there are certain exceptions like John Harbaugh.

  • The choices at both coordinator spots and coaches - These choices of Palmer and Gray are turning out to be questionable at best, an unmitigated disaster of horrific proportions at worst. Granted, I'll give the argument that he was hamstrung by the late arrivals of these people but the buck ultimately stops at his desk in the end game.
  • The game day coaching - Well, it leaves a lot to be desired. Sure you can game plan during the week to your heart's content but when it's time to make adjustments in game, something doesn't click. Part of the head coach's job is to take a hands on approach (sometimes be a jerk about it as well) if a certain part of the team is failing but I don't see it with Munchak. He also shows very little emotion like a programmed robot. The team takes it cues from the head man and it's playing like they're just out to collect game checks outside of few individuals. I liken Munchak to being what Art Shell was with the Raiders during his second term. Yes, there are certain limits to what emotions to show but both guys are eerily similar in their sideline demeanors and it scares me.
  • The negative reports out of the locker room - Whether or not if they are 100% factual, the question remains, why are they coming out if Munchak is such a good "players" coach? It's quite clear that some players aren't buying what he's selling. I always go by this saying: Once you've lost one, you've lost the entire thing. This isn't readily apparent yet but the fire of full scale rebellion by the players looms waiting for a spark and some kindling to spread.

These factors combined show why change is absolutely necessary for this franchise to move forward. Munchak for all the good he did in his first year, clearly has regressed during the second. Time has proven that he was nothing more than an interim coach hire without the actual tag. It's time for a clean break from the Fisher/Titans/Oilers era regime for good. In this next section, I'm going to endorse my candidate to replace Munchak.

Candidate: Sean Payton


  • He's a proven winner and leader that stepped into a virtually hopeless situation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and succeeded beyond expectations. This mess would be a relative cakewalk after that.
  • Payton's skill for calling plays is often unparalleled throughout the game and respected by many. The exponential growth that Drew Brees (when Brees was a great player already) has had under his watch bodes well for young Jake Locker should Payton come here. He might even recruit more weapons for Locker to be sorrunded with via free agency based on his reputation as an offensive mind.
  • The poor guy possibly needs a change of scenery after dealing with the fallout of the "alleged" Bountygate scandal. Out of all the potential destinations available to him (of which, there are many), this team has the best amount of young weapons that he can mold in his vision.


  • The social stigma and subsequent intense scrutiny that follows might be a little crazy but that's the only con I can think of. The team is well equipped to handle any sort of potential controversy as it has experience in dealing with many issues. The biggest problem of recent note being the blood feud/love triangle between Jeff Fisher, Vince Young, and Kerry Collins for a number of years.