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Jake Locker Cleared For Contact; Could Start Sunday

The results from Jake Locker's MRI are in, and there is a chance he will play on Sunday.

Joe Robbins

Mike Munchak said on his weekly radio show tonight that Jake Locker has been cleared for contact. That is the very important first step in getting him back on the field. Munchak said on the show, according to Jim Wyatt, that Locker and Matt Hasselbeck will share the reps in practice on Wednesday and see where it goes from there.

Munchak has said all along that Locker will be the guy when he is healthy. Hopefully his shoulder will respond well to the extra work this week so he will be ready to go because this team is obviously going nowhere with Hasselbeck under center.

If we are being honest, at 3-6 there really isn't much to look forward to in this season. The most important thing now is to get some more experience under Locker's belt so he is ready to take this team to the next level in 2013.