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What Should Mike Munchak's Future be with the Titans?

After a disgusting loss to Chicago, Owner Bud Adams has made it clear that every single Tennessee Titan, coaches and players, need to step up or else face judgement day. What should be Munchak's future?

Rusty Smith for Offensive Coordinator?
Rusty Smith for Offensive Coordinator?

First of all, the past losses are partially Munchak's fault. He should have this team coached to perform better. The whiffed tackles and dumb penalties are typically a result of poor coaching. That being said, maybe some of that is the players not putting the effort despite the coaching or a simple lack of talent. Mike Munchak may have to worry because of the poor displays of football in all of our losses, even though the Titans have been playing with 37-year old Matt Hasselbeck.

I'm still a fan of Mike Munchak. He may not seem like a Super Bowl winning coach, but maybe his style of calmness is what can make him a coach for a Championship team. I don't believe he should be fired after this season. He deserves at least one more season.

How many he receives depends on who is fired after the 2012 season. If the front office decides to keep Chris Palmer and Jerry Gray, I believe Munch deserves one more year to put it together. Three years should be enough for the trio to put together a playoff team. Two may not because of Gray's new defense and Palmer's more advanced offense without his keystone quarterback.

Now, let's say that the front office decides to fire both coordinators. At this point, Munch deserves two more years. An AFC team won't make the playoffs in one season under a totally new system. If the Titans are able to make significant progress after two seasons, then Munch should be allowed to stay with the program that he's been a part of since Penn State.

In my opinion, I think that both coordinators deserve another year. Palmer has shown promise this year, and Gray's failures are partially because of failed tackling. This is where the positional coaches need to improve their teachings on the fundamentals.

So, MCM, discuss on how you feel about this.

Note: This isn't a Thunderdome. There is no need for heated arguments.