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Report: Titans Coaches Are Scared; Looking for Jobs

Mike Freeman says some Titans' assistant coaches are already looking for their next job. Who would want any of them?

L.P. Field
L.P. Field

Mike Freeman of CBS has allegedly talked to an assistant coach on the Titans' staff and he told Freeman that everyone is scared for their jobs after what Bud Adams told Jim Wyatt yesterday. My response to that would be: As well they should be because this team is an embarrassment.

To me, though the more infuriating part of that article is this sentence:

This source said that in the hours after Adams' declaration, some in the organization began covertly looking for other jobs just in case there is a mass firing at the end of the season.

If I were Mike Munchak and I heard that someone on my staff was already looking for another job, I would fire them on the spot. These coaches should be more concerned about doing their jobs than lining up the next job.

Also, who in their right mind would hire anyone on this current staff? The only person that should be able to get a job after this debacle of a season is Munchak- as an offensive line coach.