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Titans Need a New Type of Change

2012 season is over, as maybe the tenure of the man we once called "Thorchak"

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Ouch. That is the only thing I can think of after the dumpster fire that was the Titans vs Bears. The final score was as lopsided as they come, but it was also indicative of this Titans team. We are free falling and headed nowhere fast. Over the past couple of season, our failures seemed to be a direct correlation to this teams talent level, but this year seems different. Outside of Michael Griffin and a few other players, the Titans roster does not seem to reflect their record. This is an observation that can only be put at the feet of the Head Coach, and after finally getting what could be the pieces of an elite team, we instead look like one of the worst. This could lead to Munchak's departure.

It started in the 2011 offseason. After being handed the reigns to this team, Mike Munchak seemingly took the safe route adding ex-teammates and associates to his staff. Jerry Gray had a fairly adequate coaching career but offensive coordinator Chris Palmer has had the exact opposite. He was a fairly important piece in creating the quarterback Eli Manning is today, but outside of that, he has been a flop. He was a failure in Cleveland and was out of league after a few offensive coaching gigs and instead was a head coach for the UFL. This was a questionable pickup at the time and in close to two seasons has not shown promise. Outside of a few god plays, Palmer has made some boneheaded decisions that have led to poor drives and bad starts to games. Jerry Gray promised to put players in the best positions to make plays. Instead we have seen a defense that's on track to be one of the worst in NFL history. This is after the front office struck gold picking up our stud middle linebacker in the same draft we found a recently productive outside linebacker in Akeem Ayers. Our corner backs are solid and we have quite a few good defensive lineman. Grays system has been a failure, and he has instead resorted to calling plays randomly and having the players out there confused.

Poor coordinators seem to be the biggest downfall of the Titans, but the selection of these guys falls at the feet of Munchak and with another season pretty much over, it may be time for Bud Adams to cut ties with Munchak and look for someone who can squeeze out the potential this current staff can't get out of this team. Because we are well passed a dumpster fire. This team has now entered into full on destruction.

Oh no! We suck again! (via rhh808)