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Week 13: Predictions From The Contributors and The Titans are greater than the Gods

PFTC Week 13 Style

Found a different Locker picture! Swoon....
Found a different Locker picture! Swoon....
Scott Cunningham

Week 13 and we are not streaking. Well, not win streaking anyway. How about a guest streak! We gots that goin' on:

The Titans are greater than the Gods (3-5)

I feel this week will go one of two ways. Both ways may also have a huge impact on Thorchak's career continuing on in the two tone blue. Everyone, other than the optimistic Titans faithful, will be expecting a similar outcome to the first matchup. We just fired Grandpa Palmer and the sky is falling!!! If they are right and we get housed, while coming out flat, Mjolinar may bite the hand that feeds. But this wreaks of a trap game if there is one. The Texans have had some holes exposed in their defense recently and this is the perfect time for our new OC to show he is better than bad, he's good. (He's Logg). This is a great time for SkyLocker to get some revenge via the no huddle and stretching the field with the deep ball. If our defense holds their end up like the recent weeks have shown and if CJ keeps doing his thang, then Thorchak should get his first, and much needed, division win of the year. I can feel the slight burn of Thor in two-tone on my back already. #LWSS
Titans 27 - Texans 23

gramseystill#1 (6-5)

While I like the changes Munchak has been making this week, I wish they had happened before the Jaguars (or before the season for that matter). Won't help this week. Texans continue their recent dominance over us.

Texans 31 - Titans 17

Big Tuna (5-6)

The Texans secondary has looked bad the last two weeks. That is nice, but there is no reason to believe the Titans will be able to slow the Texans on offense.
Texans 34 - Titans 24

kgdrummer (5-6)

Here we go. Dowelling Loggains is coming in as the new OC of TN. Expect him to ignite the offense's emotions for an upset.
Titans 34 - Texans 31

CanaDan (3-8)

Usually after a coaching change, there is a temporary boost in play since the players are re-invigorated. I expect that to happen here. Loggains will simplify the offense and the players will respond. If I could expect anything out of our defense I think this game would be close. Don't let the last two games fool you. Now that we're back to playing good teams, I expect our defense to revert straight back to their terrible play.
Texans 37 - Titans 20

Jonnelosthismindagain (3-5)

We lost to the Jacksonville jaguars.....I would love to say we will win this game but we lost to the Jacksonville jaguars.
Texans 31 - Titans 14

BringingUpTheRearReese (0-8)(Left that bold on purpose)

You guys, this is the week I win one, we're going to get absolutely curbstomped by these guys, they're probably the best team in the AFC and we lost to the Jaguars.

Texans 41 - Titans 14