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Chris Johnson Doesn't Care About Your Fantasy Football Team

Don't send CJ a tweet about messing up your fantasy football season!

Scott Cunningham

I am clearly not a professional athlete, but I think I would get really annoyed if "fantasy football guy" (which I am) was getting mad at me all the time because of my performance on the field. Think about it this way, there are guys who are not a fan of yours at all, but they want you to do well so they can win their fantasy match-up. There are plenty of idiots out there that get way to fired up about that sort of thing.

Well Chris Johnson made it clear to one guy the other day that he doesn't care about that guy's fantasy football points.

That is hilarious. Like I said, I can imagine hearing that crap all of the time would get really old.

(h/t @XFINITYSports)