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Bears vs. Titans: Three Things on Offense

Three things to watch from the Titans offense against the Bears on Sunday.

Frederick Breedon
Matt Hasselbeck -

Sunday's contest against the Chicago Bears may be the biggest test of Hasselbeck's career (due to his age) outside of his Super Bowl appearance. I'm not sure that Matt has faced a juggernaut turnover machine of this caliber in a good long while. With many critics calling his arm strength into question, the offense will have to find a way to create big plays down the field. I'm pretty sure the Bears will sniff out the 15 yard slant routes we call every week.

The Run Game -

The run game will also have a huge test this weekend. We couldn't seem to get much going against a stout Vikings defense a few weeks ago, and the Bears defense is among the elite in today's NFL.

The good news is that over the last five weeks CJ has been the most productive back in the league and could find some room against Chicago. Due to the fact the passing game may be the least explosive in the league, they will have no choice but to continue to try and get CJ going. This team cannot afford to become one dimensional against the Bears because Peppers will eat Hasselbeck alive.

Playmakers -

Who's going to step up in the passing game? Kenny Britt? Will Hasselbeck make a true effort to get Cook the ball early and often?

Honestly, it doesn't matter who it is because someone has got to step up and have a big game for us. If not, we sink to a lowly 3-6 record and that is not acceptable.