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Listen to Last Night's MCM Radio

Last night we recorded one of the best MCM Radio episodes ever!

Sam Greenwood

Last night was one of the most entertaining episodes of MCM Radio that we have every done. We all agreed that the change from Chris Palmer to Dowell Loggains will be a positive one. You probably won't see dramatic changes in the scheme, but hopefully you will see some simplification of route concepts and MORE NO HUDDLE!

The last 15-20 minutes ended up being me and Dan vs. August on the future direction of this franchise. It was a fun discussion, and I would love to hear where those of you reading and listening here feel about it.

A quick summary of my take is that it is time to shake things up. Just "not being the Raiders" is not good enough. Take a different approach. You may find the floor, but there is also a chance to get on the same level with the elite franchises in this league.

Also, listen for the first ever (that I can remember) August West F bomb.

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