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Talk Titans Live Tonight on MCM Radio at 9:00 Central

MCM Radio was here before Palmer, and will be here long after!

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Fresh on the heels of the firing of Chris Palmer and the ascension of Dowell Loggains, it's time again for Jimmy, Danomite and myself to record another edition of MCM Radio. We'll convene in the deep dark recesses of the Interwebs tonight at 9:00 Central, and you can expect plenty of fire works. I'm not saying we'll have major divisions on this particular move, but you can bet there will be some cross-talk on what this all means moving forward.

If nothing else, you should tune in to see who tees off on Chris Palmer's comments after suffering the mighty wrath of Thorchak.

Oh yeah, and we play the AFC-leading Houston Texans on Sunday. How about that...

You can join in the chat room fun, listen live and even take a stab at calling in by clicking this link. For those who can't make it tonight, you can always download the show, and our entire archive, in podcast form via iTunes. It'll also be available streaming 24/7 at the Blog Talk Radio site.