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Chris Palmer Comments On His Firing

Chris Palmer gave Mike Munchak his Christmas present before cleaning out his office.

Sam Greenwood

Jim Wyatt caught up with Chris Palmer earlier today and asked him what he did when Mike Munchak delivered the news. Palmer said he gave Munchak his Christmas present and left. I would love to hear your guesses on what the present was.

Palmer, as should be expected, mostly took the high road in his comments to Wyatt, but there were a few times where you could see a little bit of anger coming out that the players could not understand his offense. It is hard to blame him for that, but at some point he should have simplified things so everyone could understand (I am looking at you Jared Cook).

Here is part of what he had to say:

I feel we put the players in a position to make plays, and at that point it falls on the players," Palmer said. "We had a chance to drive and win on Sunday, and then we throw an interception. Well, that is part of a young quarterback. You learn from that experience and hopefully next time he’ll take us down and put us in field goal position. And you have to live through that....

Palmer, however, will not be living through that.