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The Coaching Carousel: Doomsday Edition

The drum beats for Mike Munchak losing his job grow louder and louder with each mounting loss and I'm here to present an off the wall, well known candidate to replace him.


I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and watched a lot of football in the process. RG3 is a boss. that is all. It's getting very clear that Munchak and his remaining staff has begun to lose large swaths of the team with every demoralizing and mind numbing total desecration of all things Titans. The Palmer firing is merely a Band Aid move to appease an already upset locker room and classic move to save the head coach's job more than anything. I'm glad that some of MCM are starting to see the light on this incompetent failure of a staff and demanding an complete overhaul like I have been. Sadly, Munchak just isn't cut out to be a head coach in this league. The quicker his reign of folly ends, the quicker we get to end all ties to the Fisher era. Sunday was the straw that broke the camel's back. Anyways enough of the depressing stuff that has been rehashed a billion times this year. Onward to the candidate.

Candidate: Andy Reid


  • Offensive mastermind in regards to the passing game
  • He has tons of experience putting up with a horribly abusive fan base, Nashville would be a vacation compared to Philly
  • Performs highway robbery when trading away his backup QBs
  • Loyalty is unquestioned and knows a bunch of people everywhere


  • Lack of a consistently coherent running game - see McCoy, LeSean if you can find him. The guy just can't get any love from Reid there. He can't run the ball when he isn't getting it in the first place. If Reid comes here and CJ is still around, he'll become CJ5carriesagame.
  • Burnout - The poor guy needs a vacation to some random Pacific island with his wife and get away from reality for a long time. No decent human being as he is deserves to be going through what he's been through personally and professionally. Philly is a cesspool of unrelenting scum douchebags, second only to Boston fans. When he leaves, they'll regret running him out of town.
  • Time management issues - Reid's travails with this particular problem have been well documented so I won't get into it too much here.
  • Passing game sometimes is Palmereqsue - Reid and OC Marty Morninwheg have a penchant to call poorly timed pass plays that require 7 step drops on occasion when the OL is crazy banged up and Vick is hurt and derping it up a lot. Some of it is on the OL, Vick running too early, and Reid calling bad plays.

Sleeper candidates I'm in favor of (from the assistant coach pool):

Kyle Shanahan - It will be interesting to see if he can succeed without daddy being around. A good coach waiting for his shot.

Greg Roman - He has worked wonders with that 49ers offense alongside Harbaugh, even making Alex Smith into a competent NFL caliber QB.

Bill O'Brien - The guy has Penn State playing hard for him after severe sanctions placed on the program (deserved or not is a debate for another forum). He even coached PSU QB Matt McGloin into draftable territory. BOB has had prior pro coaching experience in New England as the OC there. He would be a good coach to manage through the expected upheaval that a new coaching regime brings after managing the crisis at PSU better than anyone's expectations.