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Titans Fire Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer

The Midday 180 is reporting that Dowell Loggains will replace Chris Palmer as the offensive coordinator for the Titans.


In a move that was totally unexpected, the Titans have fired offensive coordinator Chris Palmer. The move was first reported by The Midday 180, a local radio show, on Twitter. Dowell Loggains will replace Palmer as the offensive coordinator.

Needless to say, I am thrilled that Mike Munchak was willing to step up and make this move. There are a lot of people at Baptist Sports Park that think really highly of Loggains. He now gets a 5 game audition to prove that he is worthy of consideration for the spot on a permanent basis in 2013.

Hopefully the first thing he will do is simplify things so that the receivers and quarterback can get on the same page. This team has entirely too many weapons in the passing game to be as bad as they have been this season.

This move also buys Munchak some time with Bud Adams to prove that things can be turned around.

Here is the statement from Munchak via Kuharsky:

“I have a great deal of respect for Chris Palmer as a coach and that was the reason we brought him here. I appreciate the time and effort he put in here and I want to wish him and his family the best moving forward.

"As an offense I didn’t feel like we were progressing the way that I had hoped. I believe we needed a change in direction and I hope to see that progress in our remaining games. Dowell has worked here for a number of years under some very successful coordinators and he is ready for this challenge.”