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Give Me One Reason Anyone On This Coaching Staff Should Stay

It is time for Bud Adams to go ahead and clean house.

Scott Cunningham

That loss today was an embarrassment to this franchise. Some people might think I am being over-dramatic when I say that, but it really is true. The Titans were 9-7 last year and were supposed to be even better this year. The Jaguars were terrible last year, are worse this year and were 1-9 heading into the game. It is inexcusable to lose that game.

There has been a lot of escalated back and forth on the site about the future of this coaching staff, and I am sure that will continue, but right now I am asking for someone to give me an actual reason that anyone on this staff should be retained- and they just need more time isn't a reason.

They have taken a gigantic step backward this season with personnel that should be better- especially on the offensive side of the ball. There is no excuse for that, and there is no reason to believe that a coordinator who was hired from the UFL is going to be able to turn it around. In fact, it is pretty clear that he gets worse when other coaches have time to prepare for him.

This defense has actually improved a little bit, but it is still undisciplined across the board. To Jerry Gray's credit he has made some necessary adjustments, especially to his blitz packages, but there is still no reason to believe he could ever lead them to a top-10 unit.

There is my .02. Those of you who are in favor of anyone being here next year- tell me where I am wrong.