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Tennessee Titans lose to the Jaguars, 19-24

For shame, sirs. For shame.

Sam Greenwood

After the most dominant win of the season, and a relatively quiet bye week, the Titans kicked-off the home stretch of the 2012 season by laying a monster egg against the worst team in the NFL. While the Titans drew first blood, kept the score close all day, won the time of possession battle, essentially tied in the turnover margin and gained more first downs than the Jaguars, it wasn't enough to overcome a few key mistakes by almost every unit on the team:

  • Locker capped an up-and-down day by throwing an awful interception in what could have been a game winning, come from behind play late in the 4th quarter
  • Rob Bironas missed on a FG he usually makes, which ALWAYS comes back to bite us... even if Rob had a very strong day overall
  • Damian Williams failed to get his feet down on a pretty TD pass from Locker
  • Nate, Jared, Kendall and Kenny all made bad drops in the first half that killed drives or prevented us from getting 6 instead of 3
  • Michael Griffin, who had been quiet all day, made his presence known with a pass roughing the passer penalty that thrust a lethargic Jaguars offense into scoring position
  • Too many missed tackles by Zach Brown, even if he did lead the team in that category

Just about the only unit that'll enjoy watching this tape on Tuesday will be the defensive linemen. As a team, the Titans totaled 7 sacks, and 3 of those came from J. Casey, K. Klug and K. Wimbley. Additionally the entire defense created 12 QB hits.

That may be well and good, but the real takeaway is that the Titans have once again taken one step forward, then three steps back. A cute win over the Dolphins the week after your owner puts the entire organization on notice doesn't make up for dropping a rivalry game to a 1-9 team with nothing to play for.

If I'm Bud, I've got the same taste in my mouth I had after the Bears game... the taste of pink slips aplenty.