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Jaguars End Titans season 24-19

Even a Jaguar victory is a tough sight.

Streeter Lecka

In a perfect world. One could write a recap of a game with a bunch of interesting tid-bits that give the average Joe a bit of insight into why their team loss. The article would be chalk full of statistics and breakdowns that point out what went wrong.

Unfortunately, this is the Tennessee Titans we are talking about. 90% of this teams losses stem from the exact same issues. Poor safety play, bad tackling and idiotic play calling. I'm sure you can sprinkle in a bit of horrible officiating mixed with a blown field goal to fuel the fire, but in the end this is the same Titan loss we have watched over and over again.

One of the more baffling questions that struck me once the clock hit zero, was just where the hell was Kenny Britt. You all know Kenny right? That 6'4 225 lb receiver that was supposedly the focus of our bye week. He was no where to be seen for the entire game. Until Palmer decided it was time to throw the ball up to him in the end zone. That was a brilliant play call by the way. It would have been lovely to see such a play drawn for Britt earlier in the game when the team was deep in Jacksonville territory. Instead they decided to run a wheel route to Darius Reynaud because he is known for his pass catching ability.

This loss, in a way, can bring relief to the Titan community. We can now leave our ridiculous playoff hopes in the stadium of last weeks opponent, the bye week. We are 4-7, the rest of this season is strictly to get Locker reps and build chemistry with our receiving core. This team was no way in contention and further belief would only cause a massive headache in the long run.

A few weeks ago, Bud Adams put this team and staff on notice. They responded by pouncing on a weak Miami team with a rookie quarterback. That win should have by no means strengthened Buds confidence in Mike Munchak and this loss should be the nail in the coffin for his tenure. A loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars is unacceptable. We can put this right up there with last years loss in Indianapolis. If you want to talk about making a playoff push you first must prepare your team to win the gimme games. The Jaguars have had one win all season long. Rest assured this was a gimme game. The Titans blew their shot once again and now the season is over.

So what's next? Besides football, the guys should engage in a few team-building events. Here are some suggestions:


Team Picnic

Lunch at VY Steakhouse

Hunting with Rusty Smith and his wife

These are a great way to build chemistry and create a bond within this team that could only be matched by the Mighty Ducks coached by Gordon Bombay. Of course i doubt Munchak would make such a notion, so as a Titans fan, i suggest you kick your feet up and enjoy the fireworks. I'm sure there will be plenty more heartache before the season ends. Quack Quack!