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Titans vs. Jaguars: Three Keys on Defense

Three things the Titans will need to do on defense against the Jags to get a win.

Mike Ehrmann

The Jaguars have been pretty bad on offense this year, but that was with Blaine Gabbert under center. Now he is on IR and Chad Henne is the man. Henne isn't great, but he is a whole lot better than Gabbert. Here are three things the Titans will need to do tomorrow on defense:

1. Pressure Henne: Henne had a really good day against a Texans secondary that once looked really good (they have gotten torched two weeks in a row). The key for the Titans tomorrow will be getting pressure on him because he does have a couple of pretty good young receivers on the outside in Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon. The Tennessee front has gotten better each week rushing the passer. That needs to continue tomorrow.

2. Stop the run: The good news for the Titans is that Maurice Jones-Drew will not be playing in this game. He has tortured the Titans for years now. The Jags will actually be going with their third running back, Jalen Parmele, in this game. He gets the start because Rashad Jennings has been terrible (just ask my fantasy team).

Parmele had the best day of his career last week with 80 yards on 24 carries. Those aren't exactly eye-popping numbers. The Titans just need to limit him on first and second down to keep the Jaguars in third and long.

3. Get off the field on third down: The Titans only allowed the Dolphins to convert on 2 of 13 third down chances two weeks ago. Obviously that number is not going to hold up, but there is no reason to expect it to go up a lot in this game.