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Titans vs. Jaguars: Three Keys on Offense

Here are three things the Titans need to do on offense tomorrow to leave Jacksonville with a win.

Marc Serota

The Jacksonville Jaguars are really bad on defense. They rank 31st in yards allowed per game, 28th in passing yards allowed per game, 29th in rushing yards allowed per game and 29th in points allowed per game. The Titans should be able to put up points early and often. Here are three things that need to happen for the Titans to be successful tomorrow:

1. Get Kenny Britt involved early: Britt should finally be completely healthy. It is time for Chris Palmer to find ways to get the ball in his hands. That shouldn't be a problem in this game, and it would be nice to get him some confidence heading into the back half of this schedule.

2. Be balanced: Chris Johnson appears to have returned to his pre-2011 form. That gives the Titans a duel threat they did not have for almost a year and a half. Being balanced shouldn't be hard tomorrow, and it will help keep some of the pressure off of Jake Locker.

3. Keep Locker upright: Jacksonville only has 12 sacks on the season, so the offensive line shouldn't have any trouble keep Locker clean tomorrow. It is very important that they do that because, as we are all well aware, he could be just one hit away from being done for the season.