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Week 12: Predictions From The Contributors and jv1222

PFTC week 12 style

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

PFTC back again after a short hiatus (hiatus is spanish for bye week)(don't hold me to that). We actually had a guest check their email and desire to participate for Bedazzler Beatdown Week™! jv1222 gets us rolling for week 12:

jv1222 (3-4)

The Sparkle Kitties are absolutely horrible on both sides of the ball. Strangely, they kept it close against Houston. I don't see that here we are way more talented than them. The Jaguars will score their only TD in garbage time.

Titans 38 - Jaguars 10

gpicksramsey (6-4)

Well lookie there. Who is the only one with a positive picking percentage?? NOT TUNA THAT'S WHO. Cliche' full prediction: The Titans are sure to not overlook this opponent and give 110% in only taking one game at a time. This team ran like a well-oiled machine against Miami, and look for us to continue to make plays on both sides of the ball and just play Titan football. Titans win.

Titans 31 - Bedazzlers 16

secondplaceTuna (5-5)

We're going streaking!!!!!11

Titans 38 - Jaguars 24

KGmovin'onup (5-5)

The Jaguars!!! Woo! Well, Henne Nut Cheerios had his good game of the season against the Fexans, so it's time for him to play as he does. He'll play pretty well, but ultimately not win the game, pushing the Jaguars to 1-10 at the hands of Alterraun Verner, Cory Sensabaugh, and Michael Griffin, who will all three pick him off.

Titans 41 - Jaguars 17

SuperHorn™ (4-6)

Locker could have a huge game against Jacksonville. I think we put together a complete game in all three phases. Titans roll.

Titans 31 - Jaguars 13

Canadaniel (3-7)

We've hit a softer part of the schedule and its time to take advantage. There isn't any reason why the Titans should lose this game. They have way more talent than the Jags, are coming off a bye, and have a healthy starting QB. I'm actually a little worried about the Jags after they hung around with the Texans before forgetting to play the last five minutes of the game, but that should make sure our guys don't take them lightly.

Titans 27 - Jaguars 17

Jonnefoundhismind (3-4)

With my boy Locker back under center, this team is completely different. Up next we have the sparkle kittens. While I would love for Locker to outperform sunshine in front of all 5 jaguar fans, I can't turn down a matchup vs chad henne. Look for locker to air it out for 250 yards and 2 TDs while cj2k continues his tear in route to 125 yards rushing and a TD. Titans win in a blowout and begin our hopeless playoff push.

Titans 24 - SparkleKitties 10

*D. Reese* (0-everything)

MY B GUYS. I missed the deadline while away on Thanksgiving but I think this is finally the week that I win one. Jake Locker is going to have a heck of a game against these guys, my only concern is really slowing down Chad Henne. Seriously, Luke McCown, never forget.

Titans 31 - Jaguars 14