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Week 9: Predictions From The Contributors and Titans_Firefighter

The contributors predict the Titan weekend


I'm afraid last week was our only chance to be .500 this season. I don't really have any faith in this team to right the ship at this point. I guess it was my silly optimism that made me think this was going to be a good season in the first place. But contrary to my early week comments, I will be in attendance on Sunday and I will be rocking the Tennessee Oiler #9.

We are going back to Titans_Firefighter this week because he is our resident Chicago fan:

Titans_Firefighter (2-4)

Well the Titans are 3-5, and after last season that's something I never would have expected at this point. After the sad lost to the Colts last week, what do the Titans get rewarded with, a visit from Da Bears. Born and raised in a Bears fan household this is the one game I look forward every 4 years for bragging rights, oh how I enjoy the last meeting in '08, but I don't think I will enjoy this game as much. Now to the game at hand, Bears come in after barely squeaking by the Cam Newton Panthers, so I expect them to come in and not underestimate the Titans. So the defense that we will be facing this week has scored a defensive TD in 4 of its 7 games and a total of 6 defensive TDs, oh and not to mention the 23 turnovers they created. But wait there is more the Bears have an offense that can produce some points averaging 26.4 points per game, so looks like the Titans will be back to giving up over 30 again. Don't worry its all not doom and gloom in here, now for the silver lining, Hasselbeck is 3-3 vs the Bears in his career. Against the Bears, he has a completion percentage of 59.55%, not the best but he does average 240.5 yards passing per game. But here are the draw backs against the Bears, he only averages 1.33 TDs and commits 0.83 turnovers in games against the them. He has been sacked 12 times this year, I expect that to increase as the Bears average 2.5 sacks per game when facing Hasselbeck. With all those numbers and how bad the Titans offense has been against good defenses spell another blow out lost for the Titans and me having to hear "Bear Down Chicago Bears" from my family all day long. Even Grams wearing his McNair (RIP) Oilers throwback jersey can't save the Titans Sunday.

Bears 40 - Titans 13

Jommy (4-4)

I am back to feeling terrible about this team. Jay Cutler isn't good, but he will throw for 300+ against our defense because the secondary will play zone while the linebackers play man on the same play.

Bears 31 - Titans 17

grouchygrams (4-4)

Our defense is historically awful. Our offense can't seem to score touchdowns no matter how good we look in the boxscore. Those two things will not combine to make Titan Nation happy come Sunday evening. I don't think it will be as bad as some of these games, but I don't give us much of a chance. Also, if you haven't seen it yet....Smoking Jay Cutler. You're welcome.

Bears 27 - Titans 13

SuperHorn™ (3-5)

If the Titans are to win this game, it will be on the backs of the defense and passing game. For that reason, I think we lose - potentially big.

Bears 24 - Titans 6

kg (3-5)

Bears game... Ugh. I'm not feeling good about this one. Sorry, MCM, but I'm chalking this one up as a loss against a Bears team that's strong all around. This team has a strong chance of making NFC Championship game.

Bears 35 - Titans 13

Canadaniel (2-6)

After facing a few weaker opponents recently, the Titans have to go up against what has to be considered one of the NFC's best. The Titans just simply aren't ready to take on elite teams yet. Jay Cutler is going to have a huge game.

Bears 30 - Titans 17

JonneneedsaTitanwinorhegonnalosehismind (1-4)

If your not sure how I feel about this team check out my latest post. Were going nowhere fast and fully expect a blowout loss at home thanks to cutler ripping our defense to shreds and hasselbeck limiting our offense. Titans lose badly.

Bears 35 - Titans 10

BaltimoreDanieldonelosthismind (0-5)

I'm going with the reverse lock here, I mean why not, it's worked every other time this year. We've been through this before, I predict something awful will happen against a good team, the Titans come out swinging, get a little lucky, an end up with a win you think may offer some sort of momentum for the rest of the year only for the team to come out and lose to the Colts. Yeah. On paper it makes no sense, the Bears D is from another planet, but I'm sticking with my reverse lock theory and saying

Titans 24 - Bears 20