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Trouble Brewing: The Titans Mangled Offensive Line

The Titans have multiple injury issues on the offensive line. That is about the worst thing that can happen with the Bears coming to town.

Grant Halverson

The Titans went through practice yesterday without any of their five starting lineman being able to complete the entire session according to Jim Wyatt. It goes without saying that they will need to be as close to full strength as possible when facing this Bears' defense, and it doesn't sound like they will be very close to full strength.

The good news is that Michael Roos is expected back. He missed the first game of his career last week after having an appendectomy. The plan all along was for him to go this week, and it doesn't sound like he has had a setback.

David Stewart has played a million games in a row, but it sounds like he might be in real jeopardy this week. That being said, I would put my money on him being out there.

Fernando Velasco apparently has a concussion. He didn't miss any plays in the loss to the Colts, so I am confused as to when this happened- I would make a joke about him being confused as well because of the concussion, but concussions are no laughing matter.

Steve Hutchison just had the day off to rest because he is long in the tooth.

Leroy Harris missed with a knee injury, and it seems unlikely that he will play.

The Titans can afford to play without one guy in the interior because they have a capable back-up in Kevin Matthews, and Mike Otto could fill in for Stewart pretty well like he did for Roos last week, but after that it gets pretty thin.

Here is to hoping the news after today's practice is better.

Also, we chat this afternoon at 2 PM. Be there!