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Chad Henne to Start for the Jaguars on Sunday

In an unfortunate turn of events, Blaine Gabbert is injured and will not be starting this week against the Titans.

Bob Levey

Jaguars' head coach Mike Mularkey announced today that Chad Henne will start at quarterback on Sunday against the Titans. This is obviously bad news for the Titans because Blaine Gabbert is terrible. Henne is probably not that much better, but he did light up the Texans secondary yesterday after Gabbert left the game.

There are very few "must wins" in an NFL season, but this game is pretty close to a "must win" for the Titans. The Jags are one of, if not THE, worst teams in the NFL. They absolutely cannot afford to go down there and lose.

The other interesting thing for Jacksonville is if they are ready to give up on Gabbert or not at this point. They are goign to have a really high draft pick, but there isn't a blue chip quarterback prospect in this draft. Will they go ahead and take the best guy on the board and let him compete with Gabbert in camp next season?

I am not sure if they are ready to do that yet or not, but they have to be thinking about it internally.